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New Nicknames!! :D :D

I wont call her my Special frnd anymore…. i finally gotta nickname!! :D

ill call her SPIDERWOMAN!! :D 

She knows why…

and my best frnd…. shes geekytweek :D ( i dunt know why tho :P)

and i know shez not gonna read this so why e1 bother :p

well those are the two most special people of my life rite now :D

ill write more later :)

ill go to study now :)




OMG ! the end hahahaha i’m dying laughing

Amo esta canción *-* ♥ y sobre todo el vídeo askjdaksj me encanta como protege a su guitarra *-* y como se frustra en el tremendo taco *-* todo un ídolo Dave.

Si FF es una de mis bandas favoritas y este video …increible la proteccion a su guitarra si y el niño que lo insulta …seguro le gusta Justin B por eso, el final cuando lo electrocutan muy genial

That was actually just a joke, Mike was like “Do something crazy here”, and I was like “OKAY!” and then just…screamed for that long, and he was like “Awesome, cool. Let’s do that again!” and i was like “No, no, no! We’re not really doing it again”, but he was like “NO, that was awesome, we’re gonna keep doing that!”
Chester about 18 second scream in Given Up. (via octoberqueen)
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